Terms and conditions of use

Article 1 Definitions and applicability

In these general terms and conditions, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

1. RED CITY BVBA: established in ANTWERP (2018) at SINT-LAUREISSTRAAT 48, registered in the Trade Register of the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number: 0639.819.423.
2. Participant: a natural person, who occasionally or structurally, in the form of a membership, participates in (a) sports class(es) of RED CITY BVBA.
3. Member: a natural person (m/f) in whose name the membership or subscription to the sports lessons of RED CITY BVBA is registered.
4. Agreement: the agreement between RED CITY BVBA and a Participant based on which the Participant participates in the sports lessons of RED CITY BVBA.
5. Sports Centre: the physical (business) location of RED CITY BVBA where the sports lessons take place, and Online Training, from a distance.


These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements, services, deliveries, work and legal relations of/with RED CITY BVBA. Special agreements that deviate from or supplement these conditions are only binding if they have been agreed upon in writing and only apply to each individual case.

Article 2 Registration

1. Registration as Participant and/or Member takes place by fully completing the registration form and sending it in via the RED CITY BVBA website. Membership commences on the date of first payment.
2. When the maximum number of participants has been reached, the prospective participant will be placed on the waiting list. The prospective participant will be notified by RED CITY BVBA as soon as his membership can commence.
3. The Member will at all times remain liable for the use and/or misuse of the membership account. Use of the membership account is personal. The account is not transferable.

Article 3 Membership, term and payment

1. Membership with RED CITY BVBA shall always commence on the day of registration.
2. In case the membership fee is not received in time, for instance due to insufficient balance or zoning for whatever reason, € 3 administration costs will be charged. If the amounts owed are not paid within 15 calendar days, the Participant will be given a final opportunity to ensure sufficient balance or to pay the amount owed himself. If the Participant still remains in default after a period of four weeks, the claim will be handed over. All (extrajudicial) costs incurred for this purpose shall be borne by the Participant.
3. RED CITY BVBA reserves the right to make interim changes to its rates. Participants will be informed of any price changes at least 1 month prior to their implementation. Should the rates increase by more than 10%, the participant is entitled to terminate his membership with immediate effect, in compliance with article 6, paragraph 1.
4. If I do not terminate my membership, my membership will be automatically renewed for the same term after the contract period, with a notice period of one calendar month.

Article 4 Training and opening hours

1. RED CITY BVBA reserves the right to alter opening hours, location, programmes, etc.
2. If the member does not avail of the right to train or participate in events and/or activities offered by RED CITY BVBA, no membership fee will be refunded.
3. On official and recognized holidays and/or during events, RED CITY BVBA is entitled to be closed or to adjust its opening hours and/or offerings. 
4. The holiday period is proportionally calculated in the membership fee.

Article 5 Termination of membership

1. The member may terminate his membership by sending an e-mail to INFO@RCCF.BE, or by submitting an application via www.rccf.be/cancellations.
2. The monthly subscription will be automatically renewed on the 1st of each month for one calendar month.
3. The notice period is 1 calendar month before the cancelled month starts. For example: To cancel the subscription from October onwards, the request must be made by 31 August at the latest.
4. RED CITY BVBA reserves the right in case of serious or repeated violation of the house rules or other proven unacceptable behaviour, to unilaterally terminate a membership without refund and without the payment obligation for the current term expires.

Article 6 Risk and Liability

1. RED CITY BVBA accepts no liability for damage, loss or theft of property of Participant(s).
2. Making use of the facilities, training support, following group lessons or a programme at RED CITY BVBA is entirely at the own risk of the Participant(s).
3. RED CITY BVBA accepts no liability for any material or immaterial damage caused by accident or injury to the Participant(s). 
4. The Participant(s) is/are aware that practicing certain sports entails risks and that he/she takes any (consequential) damage that may occur as a result of practicing any sport at his/her own risk.
5. The Participant will also indemnify RED CITY BVBA against any third party claims in this respect.

Article 7 House rules and complaints

1. The participant is expected to be aware of and act in accordance with the house rules of RED CITY BVBA c.q. the Sports Centre.
2. Any complaints can be submitted in writing or by e-mail to the management of RED CITY BVBA.

Article 8 Personal Data

1. RED CITY BVBA processes the personal data of Participant(s) for administrative and marketing purposes. RED CITY BVBA may inform the Participant by email of its activities. Should the Participant not wish to receive this, he may lodge an objection with RED CITY BVBA by means of a written notification or unsubscription.
2. The personal data are included in a file in the cloud, in which all Participants of RED CITY BVBA are listed. RED CITY BVBA and its employees will treat the data provided confidentially. The personal data are not kept longer than necessary for the aforementioned purpose.
3. The Participant may request access to his/her personal data and request the correction, addition or amendment of these data, which request will be honoured if this is reasonably possible.
4. The Participant allows RED CITY BVBA to use the images and video material, which he/she is present on, and which are made at the location or during the events for social media posts, and as promotional material.

Article 9 Applicable law and disputes

1. These conditions and all agreements entered into by or with RED CITY BVBA are governed exclusively by Belgian law.
2. Any disputes which may arise as a result of the agreement and/or these general terms and conditions shall be settled by the competent court in the district where RED CITY BVBA has its registered office.